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RA&MCO understands that a policyholder firm's reputation and assets are at stake when a claim or litigation arises. Because RA&MCO believes that quality claims service is the key to any professional liability insurance program, we are committed to providing the highest degree of service during the claim process.

In the event of a claim or a circumstance which may give rise to a claim, incidents should immediately be reported to RA&MCO. Policyholders should contact RA&MCO directly for claim or pre-claim assistance. RA&MCO's claim hotline number is (800) 684-7475.

A first notice of loss may be sent to RA&MCO by e-mail, facsimile or mail.

E-mails may be sent to RA&MCO's Vice President of Claims David Wiley at: .

The RA&MCO claim fax number is: (925) 685-3638.

Notices of loss by mail may be sent to:

When reporting a claim, information to be provided should include the name of the policyholder firm, policyholder contact person and telephone number, policy number, name and location of project, name of claimant and a brief description of the situation giving rise to the notice. In the event of a lawsuit, a copy of the summons & complaint should be included.

RA&MCO has partnered with the Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker firm ("Wilson Elser") for claim administration services. Following the notice of loss to RA&MCO, a professional from Wilson Elser will contact the policyholder to investigate and to develop a strategy to favorably resolve the claim. The Wilson Elser professional will coordinate all aspects of the claim with the policyholder until conclusion. Wilson Elser do not act in capacity as defense counsel, but in capacity as claim administrators.

In the event that defense counsel is required, local RA&MCO approved attorneys will be retained to protect the policyholder's interests. These attorneys are carefully screened by RA&MCO and have proven experience in the defense of design professionals in a particular locale. Most have worked with RA&MCO policyholders for over two decades.

RA&MCO stands by to assist their policyholders with any potential claim incident. We encourage policyholders use the RA&MCO claim hotline any time they may have a need to discuss such an incident.

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