Geotechnical Engineers


Geotechnical firms provide a broad range of services today, including drilling and materials testing, site investigations, environmental impact studies, environmental engineering, foundation and earthwork design studies, preparation of plans and specifications, and providing assistance in obtaining governmental permits and construction review and inspection. Because some of the largest sources of construction claims emanate from encountering unanticipated subsurface conditions and the failure of structures as a result of foundation deficiencies, geotechnical firms must implement risk management and quality assurance measures for every step of every project.

These measures might include establishing:

U N D E R W R I T I N G     P R O F I L E

Worldwide Coverage: Claim brought in U.S. territories and possessions or Canada.
Expanded worldwide defense available by endorsement.
RA&MCO Professional Liability Policy Form RAMCO 3240 (10/04)
Claims Made and Reported Form with expense within Limit of Liability
  • Easy to read policy form with broad Professional Services worldwide coverage.
  • Coverage Part for Pollution Legal Liability arising from professional services.
  • Mediation Deductible Credit up to $12,500.
  • No Exclusions for either pollution or asbestos professional liability exposures.
  • Coverage for incidents reported to us during the policy period which ultimately develop into claims.
  • Automatic coverage for the Policyholder's legal liability arising from professional services provided by joint ventures.
  • Optional Extended Reporting Periods for 12, 24 and 36 month durations are built into the policy form.

I N S U R E R     P R O F I L E
HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc.

U.S. Specialty Insurance Company
  • Best Key Rating 2005: A+ (Superior), XI
  • Licensed / Admitted: Admitted in all 50 states (filing approval pending in some states).

Houston Casualty Company
  • Best Key Rating 2005: A+ (Superior), XI
  • Approved Surplus Lines: Approved Surplus Lines in all 48 states (except TX & NH).

HCC Specialty Insurance Company
  • Best Key Rating 2005: A+ (Superior), XI
  • Approved Surplus Lines: Approved Surplus Lines in Texas.

Annual Aggregate Limits:
Up to $5 Million
Minimum Premium:
Minimum Deductible:
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