Risk Management Articles

Bulletproof: Limitation of Liability in Design Professional Contracts
- Steven G.M. Stein, Esq. & Robert J. Harris, Esq.
Doing Business in Other States
- Susan L. McGreevy & Paul Odum
E-Mail as a Project Communication Tool: Loose Fingers Sink Ships
- David A. Ericksen, Esq. & Severson & Werson
How To Control Today's Costs for Yesterday's Projects
- Michael J. Baker, Esq. & Robert R. Brina, Esq.
Litigation Update: Copyrights
- Werner Sabo, Esq., CSI, FAIA and James K. Zahn, Esq., CSI, FAIA
Mediation of Construction Disputes
- Arthur L. Tarlow, Esq.
Mold, Moisture and Million Dollar Judgments
- Peter Kuchinsky II and Glenn Schwartz
New Frontiers - Undertaking Construction Management
- Steven G.M. Stein, Esq. & Marc E. Odier, Esq.
Out of Left Field: Subrogation Claims Against A/Es
- Steven G.M. Stein, Esq., Stephen E. Ray, Esq., & Carl L. Popovsky, Esq.
Properly Insuring Construction Projects
- Jeff Cavignac, CPCU, RPLU
Snow & Rain & Hail & Sleet: Handling Weather Delay Claims
- Michael S. Holman, Esq. and Gregory T. Parks, Esq.
Technology and the Standard of Care
- Michael J. Baker, Esq.
Ten Commandments of Loss Prevention
- Gunther O. Carrle, Esq.
The Perfect Project: A Fairy Tale
- Ronald Eakin, FCSI, CDT
The Straight and Narrow Path: Ethical Issues for Design Professionals
- Steven G.M. Stein, Esq. & Jeffrey H. Winick, Esq.
Too Much, Too Little: Exposures From Certification of Payments
- Steven G.M. Stein, Esq. & Joel J. Rhiner, Esq.
Verbal Agreements: Is There a Contract?
- Werner Sabo, CSI, FAIA and James K. Zahn, CSI, FAIA
What is a Hard/Soft Insurance Market?
- Lanny L. Hair, CIC, ARM, AAI, RPLU
Wired: Electronic Transfer of Design Information
- Steven G.M. Stein, Esq. & Jeffrey H. Winick, Esq.
Zeroing in on CPL Insurance
- Ann Rudd Hickman, CPCU, ARM
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